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Unique interactive Experience

Zasja music and talks. In these sessions, the themes arise in coordination with the public. These sessions are done by just Zasja or them are supported by other musicians. What is your dream, what is your heart’s desire, what is in your heart now, are all questions that often come up. But topics such as death, shame, insecurity and love are also themes that are often explored. Every time, songs are created in that unique moment about that unique person. By inviting people to share what is going on in the moment, is what makes music and talks so different from all the other events.

What is shared is a collective experience because each story touches a different story. During these sessions, a safe and special connection is created by remembering and sympathizing. It is wonderful to experience what happens when Zasja responds to a person and seems to be a channel for the music and lyrics that flow through her. She is often surprised about the song that rolls out.