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Zasja’s Talks

Each song comes with a story that’s mostly biographical, same as the stories that are mentioned in addition to the songs that are created on the spot.

Zasja has made an impressive life journey in which she recently survived cancer as the “finale”, looking death into the eyes and which completely cleared the way to live to her destination and to inspire others to do the same.

From her background as an actress and comedian, she likes to involve the audience in the story and to include them in the experience. As a host, she explores the themes with the audience so that a conversation, a talk, occurs. During this talk, the audience gets the opportunity to share their story and this works in a connecting and healing way. The music is the common thread in this case. Zasja invites you to open your heart. It often happens that someone comes forward and shares his personal story, which always evokes memories in the others in the room.

Zasja also works 1 on 1 in interviews in which the personal story of the person she interviews is the source for the song that she then creates.