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Zasja plays her on repertoire in Spanish English and Dutch. In this Jazzy, poetic, fusion, “Songs for the soul “ she sings about the ocean, the moon, the fire and more. She got a lot of inspiration during her stay in the jungle of Costa Rica, as well as her own intense life journey. Besides her repertoire she loves to improvise songs on the spot, creating a song inspired by the input op the audience, or a personal story.
This aspect makes the concert very unique.

Unique Interactive Experience

Zasja Music and Talks is a brandnew concept in which Zasja interviews her guests, and then creates a song about their story, right out of the moment! She connacts straight to the heart of het guest to discover what he or she wants, feels, shares. So a unique tailormade song is born ! Magical.

Sometimes the guest really wants to sing along and this is a possibility as well. Playing with music, words, connection and trust are main keys. Zasja love to travel around and interview random people. every story and person is a jewel and she makes them shine.

Combining Zasja’s two favourite domains, music and talks, it is very intuitive to perform them both at the same time. In other words, Zasja is working with the audience and guides them through spiritual experiences. Various group meditations or simply gatherings were hosted by Zasja and all of them were described as amazing by the participants.


Communication with people is Zasja’s second most favourite activity, right after music. She is hosting her own internet show in which she is inviting interesting guests. Most of the talks are about deep and spiritual topics, which only highlights Zasja’s unique personality.

Event Calendar

   *  24/28 -07-2019   Concerts Music & Talks Open Up Festival 2019 Baarlo

   *               28-07-2019       Concert  Healing Garden Zeewolde

 *                07-09-2019        Concert Happy Life Festival Oosterhout

* 06-10-2019 Healingconcert centrum Soul Den Haag

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