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Zasja’s Music

Songs for the soul

Spanish, Dutch or English, poetically inspired by a fado or with a southern groove, Zasja’s songs go to your heart, with nature as a metaphor for inner processes. Your body as a boat and a safe harbour (Barco). An African goddess of the wind that shakes you awake with her lightning and rattling skeletons (Oya). The sand, the sun and the sea that worries you away (rainbows) and the light of the moon as a kiss in the dark night (Beso de la Luna). She plays her songs solo on the guitar or accompanied by other inspiring musicians.


A unique talent, rich experience and theatre training make that creating improvising music has become second nature. She can create a song on the spot from almost anything and everywhere. Especially with the enrichment of multiple musicians, a live concert becomes a surprising event.

“A GPS for musicians” is what a colleague called her, channelling, as it were, what will arise in words and music and will give the others direction.

In this way, she forms a bridge between the audience, the music and the magic.